Downer Engineering

Watching what has occurred with the public folders, this is a very strong case for the management of correspondence via a good project control database such as Advantage VBM. I have been using VBM for project correspondence and the traceability VBM offers is invaluable for evidentiary purposes not only in OH&S but in any contractual matter. I am sure you would be aware of this but I thought it worth a mention.

On large EPCM I have been involved with this became extremely important and (name supressed) in particular win projects because of their project control systems. I have already used this traceability with good effect recently.

Public folders can potentially expose the company to litigation as evidence can and as has been proven will be lost forever. I for one will never store valuable OH&S information in a public folder for this very reason, exposure to both the company and myself professionally is not worth it.