Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Refund Policy

CY Innovations provides software as downloadable, fully functional freeware for a single End User under our TRUE Freeware license. You can continue to use the products under the TRUE Freeware license at no cost and without obligation or you can Register for an ENTERPRISE Multi-User 5 User license at the prices published at www.cyinnovations.com.

Once the ENTERPRISE Multi-User license has been emailed to you, a full refund will only be granted within 30 days of purchase for (1) Software not received due to an error on CY Innovations’ part (2) Duplicate Purchases or (3) Billing Errors.

We have this policy since it is not possible for you to return your registered version of our software, compared to a traditional retail purchase where you are able to return the physical product. If you have a duplicate charge or feel you have been incorrectly charged, please forward the order confirmation email received from CY Innovations to our sales team together with details of your claim.

We strongly recommend that all Customers download, install, and test the freeware prior to making any purchase. Please note that you can only upgrade the TRUE Freeware license to at least an ENTERPRISE Multi-User 5 User license.

Please send any questions regarding our refund policy to our sales team.


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