Advantage VBM

Product Overview

ADVANTAGE VBM is an advanced enterprise grade electronic document and email management software application developed especially for small to medium size business organisations and projects (5 – 500 users).

Featuring the unique RealFS Relational File System, ADVANTAGE VBM offers an innovative toolset to help you properly capture and manage your electronic filing to ISO standards, while bringing security and visibility to your important business information.

ADVANTAGE VBM provides a highly organised environment for saving, retrieving, sending and sharing electronic Documents and emails within a set of unique layers built across your file system. These layers not only record standard metadata such as the author, file name and location of a Document, but they also capture the important knowledge about it which leaves your office as your employees finish each day.

If you are struggling to manage the avalanche of unreliable files and folders propagating over your shared network drives then ADVANTAGE VBM is your solution. It provides structure, consistency and controlled user access to all your documented information while complying with the key requirements of ISO 9001, 45001, 14001 and 31000. ADVANTAGE VBM is highly customisable and easily configured to satisfy all of your electronic document and data management needs.

Familiar look and feel but…

Easily navigate around the RealFS Explorer with its familiar look and feel to Windows Explorer, but that’s where all the similarity ends.


Develop your custom filing index using ADVANTAGE VBM’s unique layers based technology.

Key Features

  • 3 levels deep taxonomy allows you to navigate Document lists with minimum clicks
  • Configure Biz Groups based on your departmental, functional or role based teams, then add Users as members to manage their access to the content visible to the Biz Group
  • Use Categories and Collections to develop your unique top level processes based filing structure
  • Create Jobs and Stages and add Users as resources on the Job to access the content related to the Job
  • Setup your employees to access ADVANTAGE VBM through named User accounts either by password entry or Windows authentication login
  • With one User account included free, create additional Users accounts at your convenience once you upgrade to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User License
  • Control access to Advantage VBM functions and content based on specified Group, User, Job and Role based permissions
  • Assign SuperUser or Doc Controller permissions to trusted Users or set policies to grant/deny permissions for specific Biz Groups or Users to system administration and configuration functions, and Document level access
  • Create Documents directly from ADVANTAGE VBM for most 3rd party applications using your own APPROVED forms and Templates
  • Create Microsoft® Office documents and Outlook emails¹ directly from ADVANTAGE VBM
  • Create special Multi-Image Documents, Compressed (ZIP) Documents and Weblinks
  • Save Documents from within Microsoft® Office and Outlook using the ADVANTAGE VBM Add-In
  • Drag-n-drop external files and Folders, Outlook emails and attachments directly into ADVANTAGE VBM
  • Use Variants to manage multiple instances of a Document which diverge in fit, form or function
  • Bulk upload external content via an Excel upload sheet
  • Create Microsoft® Office documents and Outlook emails directly from ADVANTAGE VBM
  • Create, save and send Documents, Variants and Versions via the Microsoft® Office ribbon
  • Send and save emails as Documents, Variants and Versions via the Outlook ribbon
  • Publish or share Documents directly using cloud services including DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and your preferred cloud solution
  • Identify each Document through its unique assigned Catalog Number
  • Achieve consistent Document naming based on your approved conventions for Codes and Titles
  • Easily attach identification metadata to Documents including Subject keywords, Date Created, Author, Owner and Office Location
  • Manage and track a Document’s Work Status life cycle from DRAFT, IN REVIEW, FOR APPROVAL, NOT APPROVED, APPROVED, CERT FINAL, SUPERSEDED, OBSOLETE
  • Initiate and track Document review and approval activity via MyComm Messenger notifications and auto generated email responses
  • Create new Versions where changes made to a Document must be preserved and traceable
  • Flag Documents including all Variants and Versions as OBSOLETE to automatically remove them from User’s Document lists and prevent unintended use
  • Set Category access level permissions for Biz Groups and/or specific Users whereby they may only view APPROVED Documents only
  • Archive superseded and obsolete Documents and free up server space by moving their physical files from the ADVANTAGE VBM repositories to an assigned archive drive
  • Review the audit trail of a Document including all its Variants and Versions to verify
  • Quick Find Documents based on their unique Catalog Number
  • Filter Document lists for a Category, Collection, Biz Group, the entire Catalogue or recently accessed Documents, using keywords, date range, priority level, author name and Work Status
  • Find Documents based on their associated Themes and Events, or their relational links to other Documents
  • Manage your most frequently used Documents on your Favorites list
  • Retrieve Documents related to a Job and/or Job Stage based on you being a resource of the Job
  • Create Documents, Variants and Versions from the Microsoft® Office and Outlook ribbon
  • Send Documents as attachments to multiple Outlook emails in native format, .PDF format, as a .ZIP package or combined into a single .PDF file (requires PDFCreator)
  • Save Documents to an external file storage media in native format, .PDF format, as a .ZIP package or combined into a single .PDF file (requires PDFCreator)
  • Add Documents to your Favorites list for easy access and retrieval in each Biz Group
  • Configure the Data Dictionary to direct your team to the correct filing location for Documents depending on their type and/or purpose
  • Measure progress and forecast completion against budgets during Document development
  • Publish and automatically keep updated the latest approved Document, or all Documents in a Category, to your local drive in native and/or .PDF format
  • Create pre-filled forms and records using Fields and information automatically copied into Microsoft® Office document custom properties
  • Create workflow through relational Categories
  • Generate Excel reports containing hyperlinks to access Documents
  • Set reminders for you to attend to tasks requiring your attention or action during Document development, review or approval
  • Link Documents in a hierarchical structure based on yours, and others, knowledge of an association
  • Share Documents within your office using the in-built messenger service or send emails containing hyperlinks for Documents under development, review or approval
  • Manage Documents collectively in Packages to monitor development progress, to save or send, or to set a baseline to preserve and compare the configuration of the Package  across its multiple versions
  • Email Documents as .PDF attachments from the Microsoft® Office and Outlook ribbon
  • Publish and automatically keep updated the latest approved Document, or all Documents in a Category, to cloud services including DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive and/or your preferred cloud solution in native and/or .PDF format
  • Share a Document on a cloud service including DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive or your preferred cloud solution
  • Collectively add knowledge around Documents using Themes and Events
  • Classify Documents to restrict access to nominated Users
  • Notify other Users of required tasks, including setting a response date, to appear on their Message Board either immediately or on a specified date
  • Manage external Groups and Contacts to appear within relevant Biz Groups and Jobs
  • Synchronise Contacts list to your Outlook Address Book
  • Send Documents to recipients from your Contacts list via email or FTP site
  • Include an automated Transmittal with deliveries, based on your Corporate or Project approved template
  • Create Excel distribution reports showing details of Document delivery including recipient names, delivery dates, delivered Versions, and Document status at the time of delivery
  • Users are distanced from the physical files which resolves problems related to unauthorised or unintended file deletion, moving or renaming of files
  • Single instance files resolves problems related to uncontrolled duplicates or Documents of unknown disposition which arises from sending and sharing files
  • Documents are locked to read-only on Check-out to prevent unauthorised access and unintended changes until the Document is Checked-In again
  • View history logs which record User actions while operating ADVANTAGE VBM including creating, approving and sending Documents
  • Self hosted and secure content management
  • Expand ADVANTAGE VBM services at your convenience by upgrading to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User License* and creating additional User accounts
  • Achieve enterprise performance by migrating* from the freeware Microsoft Access database to an SQL Server platform
  • Create* new and distinct filing taxonomies for disassociated functional teams, business units or divisions by developing additional Vaults under your single login
  • Install* side-by-side VBM Cells to connect isolated offices, business units or divisions operating on separate SQL Server instances
  • Comprehensive, detailed in-application and on-line help manual
  • Well positioned Easy Steps icons provide quick single click access to the associated help topic
  • Discover new functionality through Quick Tips for each major screen
  • Resolve terminology differences for Document types as the Data Dictionary directs you to the approved filing location

CY Innovations guarantees ADVANTAGE VBM™ is real freeware, 100% functional for a single user, 100% clean and 100% no ads . Under our TRUE Freeware license you are permitted to use ADVANTAGE VBM at no cost or obligation, functional limitations or license expiry times for one End User working in a single Vault.

Why not download the ADVANTAGE VBM™ TRUE Freeware now for use at home or your small business. Or upgrade to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User license in order to create multiple User accounts and migrate to SQL Server.

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