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Because your people, your infrastructure, work methods and operating environment are all unique to your business, you need a quality, safety and environmental management system and procedures that suit you. And while you might not need your system to conform to ISO standards 9001, 45001 or 14001 right now, these do provide a solid framework when applying industry best practices in your business.

CY Innovations has years of extensive experience in developing such systems, with a focus on risk management consistent with ISO 31000, for a wide variety of Clients and industry sectors.

We can develop a fully ISO compliant integrated QSE Management System from scratch, or help you to review, assess and improve your existing QSE System.

We can help you to understand your organisation and its context

The success of implementing a QSE Management System that works for you is essentially dependent on your understanding of your organisation’s market position and where its offering sits within your industry sector, then determining the correct business methods and processes required to service both your needs and the needs of your customers (to their satisfaction), and having ownership and buy-in from all your staff.

To do this we can:

  • Create a Value Chain
  • Map your key business processes
  • Set your Objectives & Targets
  • Create an ISO Compliance Matrix, if required
  • Plan for organisational change
We can design or improve your integrated QSE System

The foundation of your QSE Management System is contained in your documented information. These are the rules, methods and other information which you consider as vital to your business operations and to safeguard the value of your business. To apply the rules and procedures consistently and efficiently within your organisation you need suitable tools. Each tool should be appraised and selected based on a requirements specification which aligns with your business needs and was developed in conjunction with your staff and key stakeholders.

To do this we can:

  • Develop documented information including an Integrated QSE Manual, QSE System Plans, key Policies, Core Procedures, Standards, Operating Procedures & Forms, External Regulations and Standards
  • Help specify and choose software tools and implement processes specializing in Document, Data and email control, QSE System information management, Project and Contract management systems
We can help you to implement organisational change

The take-up and use of a new system by your staff, including its rules, procedures and tools, is crucial to its long term success. Therefore smooth transition starts by seeking their input in the initial process mapping phase and again during the investigation and definition of your system requirements. Once implemented all staff members should be clearly aware of and confident in using the approved QSE System and its tools.

To do this we can:

  • train staff on your integrated QSE & Risk Management System,
  • train staff on your ADVANTAGE VBM solution,
  • train staff on your QSE SMART solution,
  • help you understand & simplify the ISO requirements
We can help you to evaluate your QSE System’s performance

Once your QSE Management System is operational you must regularly review and evaluate its performance and its fitness for your purpose. It should always reflect the way in which you wish to run your business, not the other way round. A properly designed management System should be sufficiently flexible and agile to grow and evolve in synch with your business needs.

To do this we can:

  • conduct internal audits on your QSE System by a qualified internal auditor (RABQSA QM, AU, TL),
  • obtain and interpret customer feedback,
  • analyse & evaluate QSE System performance,
  • run effective Management Review meetings
We can assist you with external audit & ISO certification

You may need to verify the correct implementation and operation of your QSE System through observation and evidence collected during an on-site audit by external parties such as Clients or an ISO certification agent. Audit and certification of your QSE System to an ISO standard is independent confirmation to yourself, your Clients and other external parties that your management system is working to international industry recognised standards and this builds trust between the parties. ISO accreditation should be an expected outcome of a well-designed and correctly used QSE System.

To do this we can:

  • review external audit preparedness,
  • select a JAS-ANZ accredited certification agent,
  • prepare for Stage 1 & 2 external audit,
  • navigate your way through an external audit,
  • interpret and resolve external audit findings
We can help you to continually improve your QSE system

Over time, Staff may not be using the approved QSE System as required or may have found simpler and better ways of going about their work.  Your internal auditors are your eyes and ears on the ground. They can advise and re-align Staff, uncover deteriorating trends or incorrect work practices, pick up inconsistencies and deficiencies in the management System and discover new or changed work methods which can be adopted into your QSE System so that it continues to reflect the way your business actually operates.

To do this we can help:

  • train your internal auditors,
  • resolve difficult NCRs and Corrective Actions,
  • identify developing trends in your QSE System,
  • find solutions to improve your QSE System
We can help setup your project management systems

Depending on the size and complexity of your new project or its Contract conditions you may be required to produce deliverables such as management plans, project specific procedures and progress reports. You also need to keep an eye on key metrics such as schedule/programme, budget/cost, scope changes, variations and your payments schedule. Commencing a project with the right systems and tools in place could mean the difference between your financial success and failure.

To do this we can:

  • Develop Project specific Plans and Procedures (including project management, quality, safety & environmental, engineering design, procurement, construction),
  • setup Project control systems (including budget, cost, schedule/programme, forecasting, earned value, variations),
  • implement Project specific document, data and records management
We can automate Microsoft Office and Outlook

Microsoft Office and Outlook allow automation by 3rd parties through the use of macros and add-ins. This allows tools to be built which allow repetitive, time consuming tasks, such as searching, organising and manipulating data, to be completed more efficiently through programming.

To do this we can develop:

  • Embedded macro solutions within Excel, Word and PowerPoint,
  • Office VBA solutions,
  • Add-in solutions for Office and Outlook which exploit the Ribbon UI
We can develop custom software tools

Sometimes your QSE System improvement requires a more complex stand-alone solution which is capable of connecting to and using data from a variety of other sources.

To do this we can develop:

  • Visual Basic thick client applications,
  • Microsoft Access and SQL Server database solutions