Build an integrated Quality, Safety, Environmental and Risk Management System, which both works for you and complies with ISO Standards 9001, 45001, 14001 and 31000, using our tried and trusted 8 step process approach


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STEP 2Understand Your Business ContextWe will help you to define the context of your organisation by creating a value chain for your business, map your key processes, set key objectives and targets for your QSE System, create an ISO compliance matrix, and plan for organisational change.
STEP 3Design Your Unique Integrated QSE SystemWe will help you to develop the documented information required for your QSE System including an Integrated QSE Manual; Quality, Safety & Environmental System Plans; Core Business Procedures; Standards (including Document Coding and Filing Index); Operational and/or Project Procedures; Forms and Templates; management of external information.
STEP 4Implement Software Tools & ProcessesWe will help you specify and select the right software tools and processes for your QSE System including management of important Documents, Emails & Records; Risks & Opportunities; Audits; Non-Conformances & Corrective Actions; Accidents, Incidents & Hazards; Inspection, Test & Measuring Equipment Calibration; Project Systems & Controls (including Plans, Budgets, Schedules and Variations).
STEP 5Implement Organisational ChangeWe will provide in-house training to improve your staff’s skills and promote awareness of your QSE and Risk/Opportunity Systems, Advantage VBM and QSE Smart solutions within your organisation, as well as translate the requirements of the ISO Standards into simpler user-friendly language that your staff can understand.
STEP 6Evaluate Your QSE System’s PerformanceWe will conduct internal audits of your QSE and Risk Systems by a qualified auditor (RABQSA QM, AU, TL), assist you with ways to obtain and analyse customer feedback, help analyse and evaluate the performance of your QSE System, and show you how to conduct effective management review meetings.
STEP 7External Audit and ISO CertificationWe will help you through the process of having your organisation certified by a JAS-ANZ accredited Certification Body including initial contact with your selected Certification Body, preparation for stage 1 & 2 audit and attendance during external audits if required.
STEP 8Continually Improve Your QSE SystemWe will help you to continually improve your QSE System by offering management review support, internal auditor training, assist you to close out difficult non-conformances and corrective actions, or help identify any developing trends in the operation of your QSE System.

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See our proven approach to developing an integrated QSE and Risk Management System that works for you, with a focus on risk and opportunity based thinking and exploiting our exclusive proprietary software applications, ADVANTAGE VBM (your enterprise grade document and email management solution) and QSE SMART (your quality, safety, environmental and risk management database solution).

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