Advantage VBM Version 2.7.1 Released Today

New Features

1.  When a User opens a Document Version with an Approval date then the file will be copied to the User’s local PC drive before being opened.

2.   A new Audit function is available to the ‘bizadmin’ User which generates an Excel exceptions report of Document Versions which have no associated file in the VBM Repositories.

3.   Users can now Quick Find Documents based on a range of Catalog Nos using the < and > operators.


1.  The Publishing Service now allows a User to stop the current Publishing cycle on startup or deactivate the Publishing function altogether. When deactivated, the Publishing function can be reactivated from the RealFS Options on the File >> Customize VBM menu.

2.   AutoFilters have been added to various Excel reports.

3.  Variant Definitions are now shown on the Favorites List and Package Documents List

4.  Previously some functions were limited when a Category was set to Read-only. Now the User can view Document Properties, History and copy the Code, Title and Certificate to the clipboard.

5.  Copying a Document now prompts with the Title of the original Document and ‘- Copy’ when creating the new Certificate.

6.  The User can now add a Variant Definition while creating a new Variant.

7.  The response time of the Quick Find function has been improved.