Advantage VBM Version 2.5.0 Released Today

What’s New in Release 2.5

New Features

  1. A new scope can be selected in the Document List Filter to display documents recently accessed by the User. The User can also set a preference to limit the number of Documents returned where the default limit is initially set to 400.
  2. A User with permissions can now copy a User’s profile to another User including Biz Group memberships and access permissions.
  3. Previously, the User drags and drops external Windows files, Folders, emails and attachments onto the Category Browser to import as a new Document. Now the User can select whether a Variant or Version will be created and whether a hyperlink to the external item will be created.
  4. Documents which contain hyperlinks to unsecured external Windows files, Folders or websites are now indicated by an icon which is displayed in the File Type column of the Document List.
  5. Previously when creating Jobs, the Job Number had to be generated and entered manually by a User who has permissions to create and/or manage Jobs. An option can now be set for a Vault for Job Numbers to be created automatically based on a User specified format.


  1. When editing a Category, the programmed user prompt is now displayed as a tooltip when a user selects the Filename or User Input attributes in the Certificate Construction list.
  2. Reference Certificate and Weblink documents can now be added to an archive box even though there is no physical file to be archived
  3. Archived Documents are now set to read-only and indicated as Archived on the Security button.
  4. Up to 10 User input prompts are recorded when creating a Document
  5. Valid email addresses now include
  6. A Category can now be re-assigned to another Collection via the Edit Category window
  7. Locking a Category stops Users from adding new content but no longer locks the Documents to Read-Only
  8. VBM permissions window has been revamped. Document permissions can now be set for Biz Group and/or User and/or Category. Package permissions can now be set for Biz Group and/or User. Green arrows now indicate the levels at which the permissions are applied.
  9. Superuser permissions no longer over-ride denial of creating Documents, Variants or Versions
  10. Updating Biz Permissions is now applied without the User needing to re-start VBM
  11. Setting the Work Status of a Document Version to OBSOLETE now sets the Work Status of all Variants and Versions of the Document to OBSOLETE
  12. Work Status = OBSOLETE is no longer included in the Document List Filter by default
  13. The Notify Note size when sending a reminder or notification via MyComm Messenger has been increased from 255 characters.
  14. The Create Document Upload Sheet window for bulk uploading external files into VBM has been rearranged for easier access and functionality
  15. Users can now drag and drop a Windows Folder onto the Category Browser and create an RFS Document which is a hyperlink to the Windows Folder.
  16. The Import Agent function which allows external files to be dropped when the VBM application is minimised has been removed as it is no longer required. Windows now has the in-built function to automatically activate VBM when minimised by hovering your mouse over the VBM icon in the Windows taskbar.
  17. Document delivery reports can now be created based on a date range selected by the User. In addition the User preferences for the delivery report which were previously available on the VBM Customisation window are now presented each time the User creates a delivery report.
  18. Previously, sending Documents as email attachments created multiple emails as new Documents according to the attachment size limit you set. The first email is now created as a Document and subsequent emails are created as Variants of the Document. The Document Title indicates the number of emails contained in the Variant set.
  19. When creating new Documents, Variants and Versions via the MSO Add-In, the User can choose different file formats. A problem occurs when the User inadvertently selects to create a standard XML file (ie .docx .xlsx) from a macro enabled Document (ie .docm .xlsm) and any macros embedded in the source Document are therefore not copied to the new Document. The User is now warned if the new file format is different from the source file format.
  20. When importing files, emails and attachments, the import list is now sorted chronological from the earliest date. Version dates are also forced to be sequential when importing new Versions via drag-n-drop, the MSO Add-In and the upload sheet. (ie a Version stamp cannot have a create date earlier than any previous Versions )
  21. The On-line Help Manual is now displayed:
  • When first installing VBM
  • When selecting to connect to an existing VBM Cell
  • When migrating to SQL Server
  1. Combining Documents into a single .PDF file during send or Save As requires PDFCreator (up to version 1.7.2) to be installed and also a PDF reader application to be running on the User’s PC. VBM now detects Foxit Reader ( or Adobe Reader ( as the default .PDF program and starts/stops it automatically during the combining process. Previously the User was prompted to manually start/stop the PDF reader for the process to complete.