Advantage VBM Version 2.6.1 Released Today

What’s New in Release 2.6

New Features

  1. Advantage VBM is now integrated with iCloud services. Synchronisation has been replaced by a new Publishing Service which allows Users to publish specified RFS documents and entire Categories (including a specified Job or All Jobs) to their local device drive, a network drive, DropBox, OneDrive and other preferred iCloud storage provider according to set policies.
  2. Document Versions can be set up for sharing from either a network drive, DropBox, OneDrive or other preferred iCloud storage provider. The physical file of a shared Version is moved out of RFS to the external location where Users can access the file directly for read/write access. VBM no longer has control over the file’s security. The File Type column in Document lists now displays an icon indicating the file’s share location. Only the VBM Administrator, SuperUsers and Doc Controllers can set the sharing policy of a Document Version.


  1. The User is now prompted to wait for an email to be recovered from MS Outlook when checking Done on the Message Board
  2. Document files deleted in VBM are now sent to the User’s Windows Recycle Bin
  3. Previously the Category Permissions Matrix reports contained the permissions of all Users. Now the report can be created based on a selected User or Users
  4. VBM startup/shutdown performance can degrade over time when VBM searches the User’s Outlook Sent Items folder for unrecovered emails sent via the VBM Add-In. The User is now alerted that recovery of an email from Sent Items is terminated once it is outstanding for 10 days. The email continues to appear on the Message Board and the User should manually import it into VBM as a new Version and tick Done to remove it from the Message Board.
  5. When migrating the MSA database to SQL Server you can now move the original VBM Cell files and/or Vault Repository files to a new location on your server (Note: If you attempt to move the files at any other time, your license may become disabled and you will need to contact CY Innovations to renew your license).
  6. Functions including Migrate to SQL Server and Remote Shutdown have been moved from the main Tools menu to a new Vault Maintenance sub-menu under the Files menu. Only the VBM Administrator has access to the Vault Maintenance sub-menu