Advantage VBM Version 2.4 Released Today

Latest features and improvements include:

  1. The VBM Administrator or a User with Doc Controller permissions can now move documents to another Category including the option to re-calculate the Document Code according to the target Category.
  2. An option can now be set to prompt a User to save an email to VBM when closing it unless the email has been previously saved to VBM.
  3. Jobs can now be subdivided into Stages. Create Stages for a Job via a new Stages tab which is available when creating or editing a Job.
  4. A Document can now be set as Document Zero for a Category and Job. Once set this Document will always appear at the top of the Document List.
  5. A User can now select an option from the RealFS options on the main menu File|Customize VBM to either include or not include archived Versions in Document Lists.
  6. Tagging multiple Documents and Send To and Save As using the PDF option, the User can now combine all Documents into a single PDF file using PDFCreator.
  7. A User can now cancel while creating a Document List reports to Excel
  8. The Hide Categories window now includes a filter to find Categories like the text entered and an option to show hidden Categories only
  9. Moving a Document to another Job or Category recreates the Document Code
  10. The Office Add-In now includes a facility to send the files as a PDF attachment via the Send To Mail Recipient item on the VBM tab on the ribbon
  11. Document lists now show the file size in KB, MB and GB for new Document Version
  12. Categories for which a User has been given visibility are indicated with ~ preceding the Collection Name
  13. Selecting an item in a Document List tags the selected item and untags all other items as per Windows Explorer functionality.
  14. VBM Users position titles can now be saved on the Accounts Manager. The position tile is also added to and available from the custom properties of an MS Office document.
  15. A new checkbox is provided adjacent to the Recipient drop down list to allow Users to add any Contact to the current Job.
  16. Jobs lists can now be sorted by descending or ascending Job Code, Job Name, Client Name or Date Started by clicking column headers on the Search Jobs window.
  17. The Sync Documents window now contains a new button to open the \_VBM SYNC folder and allow Users direct access to synchronized documents. In addition, a shortcut to \_VBM SYNC is now created on the User’s desktop.
  18. The owner of the RealFS Templates – Reserved Category can now be changed and made visible to any other Biz Group or User.
  19. Now the Recycle Bin is visible to all Superusers under their SPECIAL MEMBER Biz Group.
  20. A Template Variant can now be specified as the default Template for a Category.