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Why choose CY Innovations as your trusted QSE solutions provider

We can help design, implement and maintain your integrated QSE & Risk management system

  • Have you just won a large contract or your business has grown so rapidly that you now need to put some processes and controls in place but don’t know where to start?
  • Have your ISO 9001, 45001 or 14001 certificates become difficult to maintain because you’re too busy or your QSE system no longer works the way you need it to?
  • Is your QSE system ticking along nicely, but you just want reassurance or some innovative ideas to simplify, streamline and improve it?

Welcome to CY Innovations

Where we specialise in Quality, Safety, Environmental, and Risk Management solutions for small to medium size businesses (from 5 – 500 employees). By providing on-site support services as well as proprietary software technologies, we can help you design, implement and maintain your integrated QSE and Risk Management system and ISO accreditations.

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Key Elements of Your Integrated QSE System

Innovative QSE systems and software solutions because your business is unique

QSE Management System

Process Based Management System

Create a value chain. Map your key processes. Set objectives and targets. Plan for change. Design, develop and implement an ISO compliant QSE and Risk Management System that works for you.

Document & Email Control

Organise Your Business IP

Capture organisational knowledge for your Advantage. Create a common filing index. Find and share electronic documents, emails and data with confidence. Protect the true value of your company.

QSE Data Management

Make Smart Business Decisions

Assure quality in your products and services. Protect your people and the environment. Capture ISO compliance evidence. Evaluate system performance and continually improve. Plan with awareness of your risks and opportunities.

Add value to your business

We can add real value in a wide range of industry sectors and business teams

What our customers are saying

This whole exercise has empowered the Consulting Division to control our information and intellectual property which will result in efficiency and due observation of the process requirements of a professional engineering business. The word back from the users of the system is around “effective, user friendly, time saving, innovative, accountability …” which augers well for our future.

Bob Gregg
VDM Consulting
Chief Operating Officer

VBM is a powerful and innovative document management system which whilst making employees motivated and accountable, it focuses the entire work force on activities that will create value for themselves as well as the business.

Julie Knowles
VDM Consulting
Supply Chain Assistant

My thoughts on Advantage VBM – Well what a fantastic system you have. It is comprehensive and so very user friendly. I think it will be a great asset to the company.

Alison Hutchinson
VDM Consulting
Administration Assistant

Thank you to everyone for their commitment to quality, especially their patience and positive attitude towards the implementation of our new core processes and the rollout of VBM. Staff input into the core process and VBM has been critical. Since the last audit there has been a lot of hard work by all staff to make sure correct processes and… [read more] “Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation”

Luke Van Zeller
Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation
General Manager

We approached CY Innovations for advice about upgrading our ISO9001 certified business management system as part of our Quality Business Processes and Information Management Improvement Project. After talking to Mike McGinty and actually seeing how our unique business practices could be mapped, documented and implemented in Advantage VBM we knew we had a solution which was readily adaptable to suit… [read more] “Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation”

Dee Broadmore
Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation
Chief Organisational Development Officer

I have dealt with Mike McGinty from CY Innovations since 2016 during the implementation and ongoing use of the VBM system within RJV. I found Mike to be extremely approachable and always available when needed. He is very helpful, nothing is too much trouble and he explains things in a step by step manner which is easy to understand.

Jan Clark
RJ Vincent & Co
Senior Accounts Officer

Before Advantage VBM our electronic filing system was a mess, now we have a logically organised and easy to use format. Mike McGinty spent a lot of time tailoring the system to the needs of RJV and its staff, who were provided sufficient training before implementation and with the thorough knowledge and helpfulness of Mike, transition was stress-free and easy.… [read more] “RJ Vincent & Co”

Jo Dawson
RJ Vincent & Co
Civil Administrator/ Engineer’s Assistant

I have had a close working relationship with Mike McGinty from the early stages of setting up VBM in our systems, throughout the implementation and rollout. Mike’s passion and dedication in ensuring the transition from our old system to the VBM System ran smoothly and with little disruption was exemplary. He was always available to answer queries, solve problems and… [read more] “RJ Vincent & Co”

Helen Lynn
RJ Vincent & Co
HSEQ Systems Coordinator

Watching what has occurred with the public folders, this is a very strong case for the management of correspondence via a good project control database such as Advantage VBM. I have been using VBM for project correspondence and the traceability VBM offers is invaluable for evidentiary purposes not only in OH&S but in any contractual matter. I am sure you… [read more] “Downer Engineering”

Peter Loubikis
Downer Engineering Perth, Western Australia
Health & Safety Superintendent

A quick update for you on the operation from Tom Price site; I have been on site two times since VBM was installed and I have found it not only acceptable in terms of speed (marginally slower than when on line in Perth) but also very practical in me being able to keep the data base up to date instead… [read more] “Downer Engineering”

Dominic Piscioneri
Downer Engineering Perth, Western Australia
Project Manager

I have found Advantage VBM to be an exceptionally useful and reliable tool. The user friendly package requires minimal training and allows documents to be filed away for future reference. The software was very useful as it monitored correspondence sent to/from company stakeholders; a useful tool when wondering if that important document was actually sent to a client last month.

Mark Sinclair
Downer Engineering, Perth, Western Australia
Project Engineer

I have finally found a product that is so versatile, will be of benefit to the company and that is easy to use …it lets your thinking go right outside the square or keep within your current boundaries.

Gary Hall-Jones
VDM Consulting
Office Manager

VBM has empowered our business by allowing our division to control our information which has, in turn, increased efficiencies in business processes. The VBM Staff have delivered this system with the highest standard of professionalism and have made the whole process a smooth transition with fantastic support and training. I would recommend VBM to any business looking for a information… [read more] “VDM Environmental”

Dianna Kotsis
VDM Environmental
Environmental Scientist / Administrator

I am using Advantage VBM to organize all of my quality documentation.  We are ISO 9000, AS9100 and NADCAP approved.  VBM is an excellent tool for keeping everything organized, tracking all revisions and distributing copies to the appropriate departments.  I looked at a lot of software before making my choice, and I definitely made the right one.  Very simple to… [read more] “Dixie Plating Inc”

Mike Flanigan
Dixie Plating, Inc. Clearwater, Florida
Quality Manager

All things considered, Advantage VBM is a reliable application that can help you organize documents on your computer as well as other data such as contacts and email messages. It comes with a comprehensive user interface, packs an extensive collection of functions and features a detailed help manual to help you understand and operate its controls with ease.

Vlad Constantinescu

I would not hesitate to recommend Advantage VBM. The resulting system is now operational and will provide huge benefits to the organisation. We now have structure and consistency built around our day to day operations, particularly in terms of our quality procedures and electronic document and records control. We chose Advantage VBM because of its flexibility in adapting to the… [read more] “Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation”

Rachael Green
Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation
Chief Executive Officer

Dealing with the CYI Team was exceedingly beneficial as they took the time to understand the needs of the business and offered constructive/informative ideas rather than just trying to sell a product. The VBM system delivers everything it advertised and has certainly improved the day to day operations of the business. I am extremely pleased with Advantage VBM and would… [read more] “RJ Vincent & Co”

Andrew Pilgrim
RJ Vincent & Co
General Manager

VBM is a great product! The system makes sense because it’s set up to match how your unique business operates. Managing and controlling your documents is easy with VBM. Mike is extremely helpful and always prompt assisting with any issues. I have no hesitation in recommending VBM and the team at CY Innovations.

Maria Britcliffe
Pilbara Meta Maya Regional Aboriginal Corporation
Quality Assurance Officer