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Ever dared to dream of the day when your computer no longer needs "C:\My Documents"?

Ever thought you may be working too darn hard trying to manage the avalanche of emails and electronic files at home, in business and in your projects?

Are your shared network drives in kaos with files and folders proliferating throughout your file system with little or no control?



CY Innovations proudly presents ADVANTAGE VBM™ for managing your electronic files at home and in business enterprises and projects.

Welcome to ADVANTAGE VBM™ the ultimate electronic documentand data management software for everyone from home users to large business enterprises and projects. Designed for everyone from home users to large business enterprises and projects VBM allows all your electronic files to be saved and retrieved according to the security privileges you assign to each of your team members. VBM offers you the potential to confidently turn your business or project into a paperless environment.

But VBM does not replace any of your computer 3rd party applications. It compliments their power by giving you a single user interface to save and access the files they create. VBM provides a secure and consistent method of managing files from most software applications by turning your flat, uncontrolled Microsoft® Windows file system into a relational file system by overlaying sets of unique layers. These layers control the underlying files and your access to them.

VBM is designed for computers and servers running the Microsoft® Windows operating system including Windows 7, Vista or XP. It can be configured for single computer to assist a home user using the TRUE Freeware license or on network installations for a team of professionals using the ENTERPRISE Multi-User license to save and share all their electronic files and records.

ADVANTAGE VBM will impress you with its capabilities, amaze you with its ingenuity and excite you with its possibilities. It will become your trusted companion. VBM will be the first software application you start up in the morning and it will be the last application you close at night.

Why not download ADVANTAGE VBM™ now and use the document management software TRUE freeware license to get you started and discover your real business ADVANTAGE.