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CY Innovations guarantees ADVANTAGE VBM is real freeware under our TRUE Freeware license for you to use at no cost and without any obligation, functional limitations or license expiry times for one End User working in a single Vault.

If, however, you want to give your business or project the real ADVANTAGE you can register for an ENTERPRISE Evaluation license before upgrading to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User license under our 'try-before-you-buy' policy.

Please download ADVANTAGE VBM and install the TRUE Freeware. You can apply for an ENTERPRISE Evaluation license by selecting Help|Register VBM from the application main menu. ADVANTAGE VBM will direct you to this page and pre-fill the License Key and VBM Cell ID information for you. Enter the remaining information and you will receive an email with your Customer details and a License Number to activate your ENTERPRISE Evaluation license.

After the evaluation period you can upgrade to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User license at the prices listed then purchase additional End User licenses as you need to.


  •  ENTERPRISE Evaluation License
  • Enterprise Multiuser EVALUATION (5 Users, 30 days trial) [FREE]

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