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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I start using ADVANTAGE VBM ?
A: You can download the ADVANTAGE VBM Freeware, install it and login. You can then start using the Freeware license with our compliments. There is an on-line Help Guide available from the main Help menu to get you started.

Q: How do I register ADVANTAGE VBM ?
A: You can register ADVANTAGE VBM and upgrade your license to access more features and Users. To register, select 'Register VBM' from main Help menu. Enter the required details and you will be taken to the Purchase page of this website where you complete your registration and in return receive an email containing your License Number. Please consult the VBM Help Guide from the main Help menu for further details.

Q: Can I purchase a site license?
A: Yes. You can progressively upgrade the number of Users to match the growth of your business or project, or contact our sales team for a quotation on a site license.

Q: Can I install ADVANTAGE VBM on more computers than my user license limit?
A: You can install ADVANTAGE VBM on as many networked computers as you wish. Your license applies to a VBM Cell and regulates the number of users you can create in that Cell and the maximum number of concurrent connections to the Cell. Once you initially install a VBM Cell on your network, you then connect to that Cell while installing ADVANTAGE VBM on other computers.

Q: How many concurrent login sessions can I have?
A: You can have as many concurrent login sessions as allowed by your license.

Q: Can ADVANTAGE VBM run medium to large business or projects with more than 250 Users?
A: Yes. Contact our sales team for a quotation for more than 250 user license or a site license.


RealFS™ Relational File System

Q: How do I start using RealFS?
A: ADVANTAGE VBM Freeware comes ready for you to immediately start creating and importing documents.

Q: What is Office Integration?
A: You can create Microsoft Office documents from RealFS. RealFS also automatically updates the properties of an Office document which you can update in the body of a Word document using Word 'fields'.

Q: Can I create and save emails in RealFS?
A: You can create Outlook emails directly from RealFS. You can also drag-n-drop emails from Outlook into RealFS including attachments as .msg files.

Q: Will the RealFS ever fill up?
A: You can create up to 2,147,483,647 documents in a Vault. You can create additional Vaults once you upgrade to an Enterprise Multi-User license.

Q: Can I delete a RealFS Document?
A: No. To preserve the integrity of RealFS you cannot delete documents. You can however send unwanted files to the RealFS Recycle Bin.

Q: Can I restrict RealFS functions based on the authority or proficiency of different users?
A: Yes. ADVANTAGE VBM has been specifically designed for multi user use. You can restrict the tabs and functions available on each User's screen. Users should only have access to tabs and functions based on their authorization and competency.


MyComm™ Messenger

Q: *How do I send notification emails with hyperlinks to my RealFS documents?
A: MyComm Messenger will send emails* containing hyperlinks to RealFS documents when you use HTML email format. When using Microsoft® Outlook, set your email editor to Microsoft® Word. To open RealFS documents from hyperlinked emails you must also upgrade to at least Internet Explorer 6.

Q: Does MyComm work with all Email providers?
A: MyComm Messenger has been tested using Microsoft® Outlook. You can test other Email products by changing the email provider from the My Profile tab on RealFS Explorer.