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ADVANTAGE VBM™ is an advanced enterprise grade electronic document and data management system which we developed to help you gain control of your electronic files and records.

Featuring the unique RealFS Relational File System and  MyComm Messenger System ADVANTAGE VBM™ provides you with tools and technologies to help you manage your electronic filing and bring security and visibility to your business information.

ADVANTAGE VBM™ helps you regain order and structure on your shared network drives by creating unique layers across the Microsoft® Windows file system. These layers not only capture basic information such as file name and folder location, but also capture the know-how which is normally retained by your employees and is not available through Windows® Explorer.

Why not download the ADVANTAGE VBM™ TRUE Freeware now for use at home or your small business. Or register and upgrade to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User license then migrate to SQL Server for your medium to large business or project.

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  • Set Windows Authentication login
  • Customise your preferences
  • Use the in-process Help services
  • Create up to 10,000 Biz Groups (or almost unlimited under SQL Server)
  • Biz Group Leaders
  • External Groups and Contacts
  • Create reports using Microsoft® Excel
  • Manage user permissions
  • View user history logs
  • Create multiple user login accounts (up to your ENTERPRISE Multi-User licence limit)
  • Create new Vaults once you upgrade to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User licence
  • Migrate the VBM databases from Microsoft® Access to SQL Server (ENTERPRISE Evaluation or Multi-User licence)


  • Navigate around the relational file system with the familiar look and feel of RealFS Explorer
  • Create Documents from RealFS for most 3rd party applications using Templates
  • Create Microsoft® Office documents and Outlook emails directly from RealFS
  • Drag-n-drop external files, Outlook emails and email attachments to secure them under RealFS control
  • Create Jobs under which to create and save Documents
  • Create and manage new Versions of your Documents
  • Create and manage Documents based on their unique Variants
  • Send Documents to your Favorites list for easier access and retrieval
  • Print, export, email and deliver Documents
  • Check-in and Check-out Documents
  • Create emails containing hyperlinks to Documents
  • Save Documents as .pdf
  • Automatically convert Documents to .pdf and sent them as email attachments
  • Email Documents with .pdf Transmittals automatically attached
  • Send Documents to FTP sites with .pdf Transmittals automatically attached
  • Classify Documents for yours and invitee eyes only
  • Link Documents by their common Themes and Events
  • Create Document Packages
  • Measure progress when drafting and developing Documents
  • Filter Document lists by Biz Group, Category, Collection, keywords, date range, Theme, Event, priority, author and Work Status
  • Use Quick Find to locate Documents via their unique Catalog Numbers
  • Set and view Relational links between Documents
  • Manage and track a Document's life cycle using Work Status
  • Automatically update Microsoft® Office document properties
  • Manually and automatically secure Documents as read-only
  • Resolve terminology differences using the Data Dictionary
  • Develop your own relational file system by setting up Categories and Collections
  • Set up and view relational links between Categories
  • Manage the link between electronic files and your hardcopy Archives
  • Help your network administrator minimise backup and manage the available disk space on the network
  • Create and send reports to Microsoft® Excel


  • Send Document notifications to other team members
  • Set Document reminders for yourself
  • Manage your Message Board
  • Keep and report records of document delivery
  • Create email notifications including hyperlinks to your RealFS Documents
  • Transfer documents between MyComm Messenger and your Favorites list

CY Innovations guarantees ADVANTAGE VBM™ is real freeware under our TRUE Freeware license and 100% clean of advertising and malware for you to use at no cost and without any obligation, functional limitations or license expiry times for one End Userworking with a single Vault.

However, to give your business or project the real ADVANTAGE you can register then upgrade to an ENTERPRISE Multi-User license at the prices listed for your whole team including multiple Vaults. If you wish to continue using VBM with multiple User accounts and Vaults then you must upgrade your ENTERPRISE Evaluation license to at least an ENTERPRISE Multi-User 5 End User license before the evaluation period expires.